About Us.

The Lombok Aid Group aim is to provide emergency supply kits to those in need, with a longer term goal to support locals to find new methods of income. We appeal to all those who care for the island, to donate what they can to our fund and help those people that make Lombok the beautiful place we all love.

Who are We

Lombok Aid is a group of expats and locals that have come together to help those residents of Lombok who are in desperate need of help.

We work together with the local 'kadus' - who are the heads of each village in Kuta, we have been identifying individuals such as elderly who have no family to support them, single mothers with no income, and orphaned children.

Our History

We have been helping the local community since forever, however this was on a small scale.

In 2018, we had the devestating series of earthquakes. The aftermath was felt untill even a year later.
Now in 2020, Corona hits and doesn't show mercy.
We knew it was time to act and find more long term solutions, but
we need YOUR help to accomplish this

Sustainability and protection of the environment in mind.

In our causes, we always have sustainability and the environment in mind. We will seek the best possible solution to help where needed, without putting to much pressure or change on the environment.

Our Sponsors

we would like to thank our long term supporting businesses. You guys are awesome, thank you for enabling us to help others!